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A New Choice in Diamonds

What is a Lab Grown Diamond?

They are diamonds! Lab Grown Diamonds have the same physical, chemical and optical properties as Earth mined diamonds. The same skilled cutters that facet Earth mined stones also cut Lab Grown Diamonds. The only difference is where they come from. And because they weren’t mined from Earth, not only are they good for the Earth, they are good for your wallet! The difference in cost between an Earth mined diamond and a lab grown diamond can you save you 30–40%!

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"Mined Diamonds Represent More Than 7 Times the Level of Impact as Compared to Grown Diamonds."

—Environmental Impact Assessment, Frost & Sullivan Report (Nov. 2014)

Mined Diamonds

1000s of acres of soil is moved while mining diamonds

98 square feet / carat

Grown Diamonds

No soil movement

.076 square feet / carat

Mined Diamonds

High Air Pollution

2,011 ounces / carat

Grown Diamonds

Negligible Air Pollution

.001 ounces / carat

Mined Diamonds

Gallons of Water Used

127 gallons / carat

Grown Diamonds

Water Usage is Lower by a Factor of 7

18 gallons / carat

Mined Diamonds

High Risk Work Environment

8 days / 100 employees per year

Grown Diamonds

High Employee Safety Standards

0 days / 100 employees per year


Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds can get you a bigger diamond, for the same amount of money

Mined Diamonds

1 carat


Lab Grown Diamonds

1 carat


*price comparison based on similar quality

Mined Diamonds

1 ct


Lab Grown Diamonds

1.75 ct


*price comparison based on similar quality


How are they made?

Production uses a process called CVD to grow the diamond crystals. In recent years, advances in this technology have produced better and larger stones.

What you need to know?

  • How are Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds made?

    Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds are produced by utilizing two gem-quality diamond creation processes: High Pressure-High Temperature (HPHT) and Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD). In both processes, a small diamond seed is placed in an environment that contains carbon. Under suitably controlled conditions, the diamond grows, atom-by-atom, layer-by-layer, recreating nature’s process.

  • Is the process patented?

    Yes. Lab grown diamonds can only be grown through two processes: high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD). Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds are grown through a CVD process called Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition.

  • Are your diamonds graded?

    Yes. All Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds are graded to the exact same standards as earth-mined diamonds, and they come with a certification by leading independent gemologists, such as the International Gemological Institute (IGI) and GCAL. These certifications are the same ones that earth mined diamonds use and have a detailed description of the grading results of the 4C’s, as well as a full disclosure of the grown diamond origin. It will also provide you with the certification number that is laser inscribed on your diamond.

  • What is the appraisal process?

    All Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds larger than 0.25 carats come with a grading certificate. As part of purchasing from Wedding Day Diamonds, you will also receive a free appraisal documenting the insurance replacement cost of your Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds. Using the information from the grading certification, our Certified Diamontologists will put together a detailed appraisal showing the cost of your Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds, as well as your engagement ring, earrings, or pendant the Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds is set in. If you ever need a replacement appraisal, or an updated one in the future, simply let us know and we’ll get that to you right away.

  • What quality are the diamonds you offer?

    Our Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds come in a variety of color and clarity grades, just like Earth-mined diamonds! They are made from Type IIa rough, which is the rarest and purest form of diamond in nature. Just like no one knows what the grade of a diamond when it’s mined from the earth, no one knows what an Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds will be graded as until it’s completely grown in the lab. Earth mined stones can come with all sorts of color tints as they are affected by other minerals and materials surrounding them in nature. The most common tint you’ll see is shades of yellow, which is caused by trace elements of nitrogen when the diamond is formed. However, when an Eco 4 diamond is grown in the lab, the other elements that are not diamond are removed. The absence of nitrogen causes the lab grown diamonds to appear whiter than an earth-mined diamond of the same color grade.

  • Why doesn't GIA certify these diamonds?

    GIA can certify lab grown diamonds, however, they have chosen to grade these diamonds in a range of colors, since the color grades are harder to discern as they are not affected by outside elements such as nitrogen. Wedding Day Diamonds believes that is unfair to the consumer to have their diamond insured for a range of colors, and not what the stone actually is, so we have gone with grading laboratories that have chosen to assign a specific color grade for lab grown diamonds.

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Where can I see Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds?

Currently, Wedding Day displays our Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds at all 9 locations, including St. Cloud and Woodbury!

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How are they warrantied?

Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamonds are warrantied exactly the same way as our earth mined diamonds.

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What if I want to upgrade my Eco 4 Lab Grown Diamond in the future?

If you choose to trade in your Eco 4 diamond, simply find any diamond that retails for at least $1 more than the current market value. This trade-in policy applies to all loose diamonds.