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Engagement Rings in Minnesota

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Engagement Rings in Minnesota

When you decide to pop the question, along comes the time-honored process of finding the perfect engagement ring.

A halo engagement ring is a beloved choice, and it captures all the essence an engagement ring should carry. The setting features a center gemstone encircled by smaller ones, this arrangement is what gives this beautiful ring a halo-like look, hence the name.

Considered the second most popular setting of all time, it first became popular in the 1920s. The clean, geometric lines, ornate details, and dramatic flourishes of the halo engagement ring were inspired by the art deco movement.

It continues to be an elegant and polished style, and, although classic, it can also be fresh and contemporary.

At Wedding Day Diamonds, you find a wide selection of halo engagement rings that will leave you in awe. We carry pieces from renowned designers such as Gabriel & Co., Atia Couture, Orchid, and Affinity, all encrusted with diamonds and sapphires.

Gabriel & Co. is known for creating timeless rings that encompass classic and fashion-forward designs. Their Square Halo Engagement Ring presents a beautifully cut round diamond that is surrounded by smaller round diamonds. The 14K white gold band features a split band style, filled with even more diamonds to give the ring an endless sparkle.

Atia Couture offers fresh and innovative designs to provide an experience that is more than wearing jewelry, it’s about celebrating love and life. Their 14K White Gold Engagement Ring features a classic and charming design with a round diamond as a centerpiece. It offers a twist on the classic halo design, which is sure to warm your heart.

Orchid is a designer that successfully accomplishes the task of making jewelry that speaks to your soul. Their 14k Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring carries this soul-touching characteristic. It’s a unique version of the halo style that features a pavé band encrusted with small round diamonds which makes the centerpiece shine even brighter.

Affinity is known for being a traditional jeweler dedicated not only to producing the highest quality pieces, but artefacts that have longevity and shine bright—even long after they were created. So it’s only natural that their jewelry is a sight to the eyes and true show-stoppers.

Their 10K Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring is a work of art featuring a band that beautifully encircles the centerpiece. The diamond is accommodated in such a way that it maximizes the brilliancy of all the diamonds.

Whichever engagement ring you choose, it’s going to be an everlasting reminder of a cherished memory. With our jewelry expertise, we’ve helped countless couples find the perfect halo engagement rings and wedding bands to suit their style and tastes.

Wedding Day Diamonds is proud to offer high-quality engagement rings and the best service in the area. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to guide you through a stress-free experience.

Let us help you create important moments.

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