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Solitaire Engagement Rings in Minnesota

When one thinks of a classic engagement ring, they often have the image of a solitaire setting in mind. Characterized by a simplicity that honors the focus being on the center stone without added ornamentation, it is classic enough to look elegant with any woman and any style.

Because of its strong place in jewelry history, it is also a ring-type that is very much prone to personalization. While they still maintain the softness to be classified as a solitaire engagement ring, below are rings that give the classic a little bit of a contemporary twist.

Exclusive to Wedding Day Diamonds, we have a diamond collection so remarkable we found it worthy enough to name after our founders’ mother, Atia. As a family-owned and operated business, we are humbled to provide you with a diamond that was cut to go beyond the traditional 57 facets, making a glimmering statement with 81 facets.

Set in a classic four-prong setting, we have our conflict-free lab-grown diamond center stone surrounded by a vintage-inspired halo of pave diamonds. Holding the crown up are four diamond-studded segments that shoot out from the band towards each corner, and provide a sparkle from every angle.

A third-generation jeweler, Mark Schneider’s goal with his collections is to create designs as wearable art. As someone who is intimately involved with every part of the process, the artistic innovation present in his designs is obvious with every element. In this stunning display, Mark uses a tension setting to truly show the brilliance in the diamonds8 his team cut.

The band features curves all throughout, and midway up the band transforms into a slight weaving with a new shank coming out of the original. With the same thing happening on both sides, the new shanks make an almost “S” shape and hug the diamond tightly in an elegant off-center fashion.

While still very much a classic solitaire with no diamond presence other than that of the center stone, this engagement ring by the brothers behind Gabriel & Co. is a wonderful depiction of the personalization this style can still offer in all its simplicity. This vintage style band features filigree beading along the edges and running down the elevated middle like a spine.

On both sides of the beaded center row are knife edge designs that slope upwards towards the beading, creating an intricacy that goes unmatched by any other designer. The focus is even further put onto the center stone with the level of elevation provided by the cathedral setting. The diamond is held up high by four white gold prongs, blending in perfectly with the brilliance of the stone.

For a slightly more timeless approach to this classic style, we also provide some wonderful pieces from our own personal collection, including this 14k White Gold Solitaire Engagement Ring. Featuring tapered ends on the band, further focus is put onto the center stone. Just below, intricate scrolling detail gives it the perfect amount of ornamentation it needs.

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