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Metal Types

Precious Metals


Gold is the world's most popular precious metal and is naturally yellow in color. Gold may be mixed with different alloys to create white or rose gold. White gold jewelry is plated in rhodium and rose gold is mixed with copper. All gold will scratch over time, but can easily be refurbished and/or rhodium plated when needed.


Platinum jewelry is rare. It will last a lifetime and is completely hypoallergenic. Platinum is a white metal that's also 90-95% pure. Although platinum scratches and bends over time, it will not tarnish or require rhodium plating. Scratches on platinum can easily be polished back to its original state.


Palladium is 90-95% pure, hypoallergenic and has a similar finish to platinum. However, palladium is not as rare as platinum, and therefore less expensive. Although we may recommend palladium for prong or channel set rings, and solitaires, we do not recommend palladium for most pave settings.

Alternative Metals

Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide is by far the most popular alternative metal for men's wedding bands. It comes in three different colors; dark grey, white and black, and is much heavier than a precious metal ring. It is hypoallergenic and very scratch resistant, but it cannot be resized. It has a very affordable price point, and costs an average of 50% less than a precious metal wedding band.


Cobalt is a natural hypoallergenic metal. It's the whitest alternative metal available today and looks similar to Platinum. It won't tarnish and is extremely hard and scratch resistant. Cobalt is extremely durable with a long lasting finish. It cannot be resized. but men love it almost as much as tungsten carbide.

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Titanium is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. It's stronger than gold or platinum, and 3 times stronger than steel. It's found mostly in men's wedding bands and fashion jewelry. It cannot be re-sized and will probably scratch over time.

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Ring Styles

What's your Bridal Style? What's Your Ring style?

Have you been planning or thinking about your dream wedding since you were very young? Do you peek at bridal magazines in the checkout lane or magazine stand? Perhaps you haven't done any of these things and are still trying to figure out what style is yours. Well, we've created some basic categories to help you find the perfect ring based on the wedding you've dreamed of and the style you love.

Are you drawn to the glamour of old Hollywood? Or the charm of an antique store? Chances are a vintage inspired ring might be perfect for you. Often designed with intricate details and engraving, there is no style as romantic. Your antique inspired ring from Wedding Day would perfectly accent a wedding full of muted colors, pearls, and lace.

Common Vintage Characteristics

  • Halos
  • Pave Diamonds
  • Engraved Detail