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All Ring Repair Services

  • Ring Sizing

    Our jewelry doctors are masters at ring sizing. In most cases, you will not be able to visually tell that your ring was sized at all! Our goldsmiths are trained in both traditional soldering methods as well as state-of-the-art laser soldering when needed.

    Pricing is based on multiple factors including metal type, number of gemstones and/or diamonds as well as the intricacy of each particular ring.

  • Channel Rebuilding

    A set gemstone is held in place using metal. One of these techniques is called a channel where multiple gemstones are set in a row with metal on each side. Over time, this metal can start to wear and our jewelry doctors can rebuild this channel, extending the life of your ring.

  • Fix Cracks

    While cracks in your ring shank are rare, our jewelry doctors are experts at taking damaged jewelry and refurbishing it back to it's original state. They will examine your ring and determine the best option for repair or replacement.

  • Cleaning and Polishing

    Our jewelry doctors are experts at polishing rings of all precious metals, bringing back the original finish. This can be done to all types of finishes including brushed or satin.

  • Ring Removal

    Removing a ring from your finger should only be performed by a trained and expert jeweler. Our jewelry doctors will take great care in cutting off a ring that may be stuck on your finger, keeping in mind that it must be repaired upon removal. They will try all other noninvasive options before choosing to cut your ring off.

  • Replace Prongs or Crowns

    If the integrity of the metal surrounding your stones becomes so weak, re-tipping is not a viable option, it's possible our jewelry doctors will recommend replacing a prong or even the entire crown your center stone is secured in.

  • Reshanking

    Our jewelry doctors are trained in recognizing when a ring may need a new partial or full shank. The shank is considered the lower part of the ring and over time, after the ring has been worn for a long time, it can wear away and become too thin. Reshanking is a process in which the thin part of the metal is removed and replaced with a new and thicker piece.

  • Restoration

    Our jewelry doctors are experts at restoring jewelry that may have been damaged or have worn to the point you may no longer wear it safely. We take great care in the approach to make sure both the integrity and sentiment of the jewelry is preserved. Please make an appointment to visit with our jewelry doctors regarding these special pieces of jewelry as each one is different enough to require one on one attention and consideration.

  • Re-tipping Prongs

    Our jewelry doctors are masters at re-tipping and it is a common repair over the life of your ring that has diamonds or gemstones. By having our jewelry doctors inspect your rings periodically, we can repair your ring by re-tipping it, therefore strengthening your ring and most importantly the setting.

  • Rhodium Plating

    This is the process of refinishing a white gold ring by polishing and rhodium plating a white gold ring that has become slightly yellow over time. This is considered normal wear and tear for all white gold rings and should only be done about once a year.

  • Ring Engraving

    Our jewelry doctors use the latest in laser technology to engrave rings and can do so on any metal type. Options for engraving depend on the amount of space available.

  • Ring Guards

    Ring guards are small metal strips that stretch across the lower portion of a ring shank. Their purpose is to hold a ring in place. Our jewelry doctors can attach a ring guard if they recommend it as the best sizing option.

  • Ring Soldering

    Our jewelry doctors are masters at soldering and are trained in both traditional and laser soldering. The most common soldering request involves your engagement ring and wedding band. This not only makes it more convenient for the wearer, it can also increase the longevity of your rings by decreasing metal on metal contact.

  • Separate Rings

    Our jewelry doctors can separate rings of all metal types and refurbish them so you are not able to detect any repair work was completed.

  • Sizing Beads

    Our jewelry doctors may recommend sizing beads when you are in-between sizes. Sizing beads will help the ring from spinning on your finger, while still being able to pass over your knuckle.

  • Stone Tightening

    Our jewelry doctors will inspect your rings and tighten any loose stones that they may find. Stones can come loose from normal wear and tear as they are set in a precious metal that is malleable and meant to bend and move in order to be formed into a ring.

  • Additional Services

    If you have any requests that are not on our list, please contact us right away. We will gladly discuss any repairs that you are considering. Not all jewelry fits inside the same jewelry box and our jewelry doctors are experts at repairing these unique pieces.

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What Our Customers are Saying

  • The ladies at Wedding Day in Roseville were fantastic to work with from start to finish. My (now) fiancé looked at a few stores and felt pressure from sales reps at each one. At Wedding Day you get to open the drawers and try on whatever rings you want, which made her much more comfortable. She found a ring she liked, but wanted an oval instead of a round, so they custom made the ring just for her. I also preferred the Eco 4 diamonds for sustainability reasons, while she appreciated getting a bigger diamond for the same price. Everything worked out perfectly, and I can’t recommend this company/ location highly enough! Thank you!

    - Andy Stahlman
  • I had a great experience with Jenna, she was very helpful. I needed my ring fixed and the jewelers (Bob and Jessica) were able to fix it within hours. Thank you!

    - Sadie White

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