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Selling Your Diamond is Easy

  • Free Evaluation
  • No Obligation Offer
  • 9 Convenient Locations

All diamonds subject to Wedding Day Diamond's inspection and approval. Please note: some diamonds may not receive an offer based on the quality of the stone. See our stores for details.

Tell us about your diamond

How We Evaluate

Step 1 - Test to See if the Diamond is Real

We do this with an electronic tester and by looking through a 10x magnified loupe or microscope.

How We Evaluate

Step 2 - Review Certification

We look to see if your diamond has GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS or any other certification to help the evaluation process. GIA and AGS are the most desirable.

How We Evaluate

Step 3 - Measure or Weigh Your Diamond

If your diamond is mounted, we will use our micrometer gauge to estimate the weight. If it is loose, we will weigh it on an electronic scale.

How we Evaluate

Step 4 - Inspect Clarity and Look for Damage

We use a binocular microscope to view your diamond carefully to determine its clarity and any damage that may be present.

How we Evaluate

Step 5 -Evaluate the Cut

This is a very important part of the assessment process. If the diamond is not certified then our trained staff will grade your diamond’s cut.

How we Evaluate

Step 6 - Determine Desirability Based on Shape and Marketability

Some diamonds like rounds are more desirable and easily marketable, but others shapes may not be. If your diamond is more desirable then it will bring in a higher value.

How we Evaluate

Step 7 -Determine Value and Make Offer

After the assessment process is complete, we will then make you the highest offer possible, with no obligation to accept.

How we Evaluate

Step 8 -Pay on the Spot

If you choose to accept our offer then we will pay you on the spot. If you choose not to accept our offer, in some cases we can offer you consignment. Stop in or email for details.

What Determines Your Diamond's Worth?

  • The shape and size of your diamond
  • The color and clarity of your diamond
  • The cut of your diamond
  • The marketability and desirability of your diamond

Is Your Diamond Loose or in a Ring?

  • We buy loose diamonds
  • We buy diamonds that are mounted in any piece of jewelry

Sell Diamonds FAQs

  • What kind of diamonds do you buy?

    We buy diamonds that are at least a ½ carat or larger. We can evaluate any shape or size and we can even take a look at fancy colored diamonds as well. If you are unsure of the carat weight of your diamond, please feel free to stop by and we will weigh it for you.

  • What kind of diamonds do you NOT buy?

    We do not buy: Diamonds under a ½ carat, Clarity Enhanced Diamonds, Laser Drilled Diamonds, Diamond Simulants, Synthetic Diamonds.

  • My diamond has a chip in it…will you still buy it?

    We are more than willing to take a look at your diamond in whatever condition it is in. However, if there is damage to the diamond, we may need to re-cut it before we can resell it. The price of re-cutting as well as the loss of carat weight during this process will be reflected in our quote. (Please note that not all diamonds that are damaged can be re-cut. It is possible we might not be able to offer a quote on these diamonds.)

  • Do I need to bring my certification or any other paper work with me?

    Bringing in certifications and paperwork is a very good idea. It is possible that it may raise the value of your diamond just by having these documents. However, paperwork is not required in order for us to offer you a quote. We will buy diamonds with or without certifications.

  • Do I need to make an appointment to have my diamond evaluated?

    We highly recommend making an appointment to have your diamond evaluated. We have 1-2 buyers at each of our 9 locations and we want to make sure they are available for you. If you cannot make an appointment, we recommend at least calling ahead to see if they are there.

  • Why are some diamonds more valuable than others?

    Desirability and rarity are two key factors in the value of the diamond. Cut, Clarity, Carat Weight and Color determine a diamond’s rarity. The market determines the desirability. Currently, round diamonds are the most desirable and marquis and heart diamonds are the least desirable.

  • My diamond is still mounted in a ring…can I bring it in?

    Feel free to bring in your diamond even if it is still mounted. We can still give you an estimate on what your diamond may be worth but keep in mind we will probably have to remove it to offer you our highest price. Evaluating a loose diamond helps us take the proper steps in making sure we are observing all aspects of your diamond accurately.

  • I understand you may have to remove my diamond with my permission during the evaluation process. Will you reset it for me if I do not accept the quote?

    In most cases, we will not reset your diamond. Trying to sell your diamond loose can ensure a better price because the buyers evaluating the diamond will be able to see all aspects without having to guess. If you would like us to reset it for you, we have goldsmiths at 4 of our locations and we can give you an estimate on the cost.

  • Why do some diamonds require a second opinion by another diamond buyer within Wedding Day?

    Sometimes diamonds are so rare and desirable, their value is quite significant. It is important to us to offer you our best price and before we do, a second opinion is in your favor. This occurs most often when the diamond does not have a certificate authenticating its rarity.

  • Why should I sell my diamond to Wedding Day Diamonds?

    Wedding Day Diamonds is a family owned company that has been around for over 30 years here in the Twin Cities. Unlike other diamond buyers, we have been established in the community as the #1 engagement ring store for many years and with that comes a ton of knowledge about the current diamond market. We pride ourselves in offering you a no-pressure and professional atmosphere to sell your diamonds at the highest value possible.

  • How long does the evaluation take?

    Your appointment will probably be anywhere from 5-30 minutes. It all depends on the diamond you want to sell and how much evaluation is required. A loose diamond takes less time to evaluate because we do not have to have the diamond removed from the mounting.

  • How do I know I am getting a fair price for my diamond?

    We have selected a small group of diamond buyers that have been through countless training sessions to ensure they are professional and confident in the evaluation of your diamond. Our ongoing training as well as our experience in selling diamonds everyday allows us to recognize key elements that can raise the value of your diamond. Since we know what is most rare and desirable in the current market, we can assure you that you are getting the top price the market will allow.

  • I know how much my diamond is worth based on original receipts and/or my appraisal. Can I expect to get paid at least that much?

    We cannot guarantee that you will MAKE money on your diamond. There is a big difference between retail, wholesale and market value. We buy diamonds at the highest market value possible. Appraisals can be unreliable sources as the value they report may be inflated for insurance purposes or outdated and too old to reflect the current market conditions.

  • How come a diamond with a GIA or AGS certification is worth more?

    GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society) are the international standards for diamond grading in the industry. These certifications give diamond buyers around the world the assurance that what they are purchasing is truly what they are getting. Having a diamond with this type of certification allows us to sell your diamond at a higher price and usually faster as well. And we like to pass this value onto you when we purchase it.

  • How will you pay me, and how soon do I receive the payment?

    Once you approve the quote we offer you, you will receive payment immediately in the form of a check. This check can be deposited or cashed immediately.

  • What happens if I have seller’s remorse and decide that I want my items back?

    Please be aware that once you sell us a diamond, it is a final transaction. We will not be able to give your diamond back so make sure you are 100% confident in the sale of your diamond before you choose to move forward and accept payment from us.

  • Am I obligated to sell you my diamond when I come in for an evaluation?

    You are never obligated to sell us your diamond even if you make an appointment for an evaluation. We will do everything we can to offer you the highest value the market will allow but if you need time to think about it, that is perfectly fine. We want you to feel confident in selling your diamond to us and know that sometimes important decisions can take time. That being said, if there is an extended time between a quote we offer you and when you decide to sell it, we may have to re-evaluate based on market needs.