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Selling Your Gold & Silver is Easy

No Appointment Necessary

  • Free evaluation
  • No obligation offer
  • 7 convenient locations
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Items We Accept

  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Silver
  • Diamonds
  • Wedding Bands
  • Class Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Coins
  • Grills
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold Ingots and Nuggets
  • Cocktail Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Sterling Flatware
  • Silver Tea-Sets
  • Sterling Silverware

Items We Don't Accept

  • Costume Jewelry
  • Gold Plated Jewelry
  • Colored Gem Stones
  • Synthetic gemstones
  • Pearls
  • Silver Plated flatware
  • Gold Plated jewelry
  • Gold filled jewelry
  • Teeth (that aren’t separated from the filling)
  • Anything that sticks to a magnet
  • Siladium class rings

How We Evaluate

Step 1 - Determine Authenticity

We carefully run a magnet over each piece to ensure that the item doesn’t contain any base metal, which is not gold.

How We Evaluate

Step 2 - Look for Stampings

We look at each item with a loupe to see the markings of the content of gold. In many cases, your item will have a stamp or 10K, 14K, 18K, etc.

How We Evaluate

Step 3 - Test Your Gold

We typically use an electronic tester, which quickly determines the karat content of your item, based on its conductivity. In some cases, we must acid test it to determine the content, because we can't get an accurate reading with the electronic tester.

How We Evaluate

Step 4 -Weigh Your Gold

We use an electronic scale to get an accurate weight of each item to give you the most for your item.

How We Evaluate

Step 5 -Calculate the Value

We make a calculation based on the market price of gold on that day, the weight and the gold content.

How We Evaluate

Step 6 -Pay you on the Spot

Bring in your unwanted gold
—walk out with a check in minutes

What Makes Gold Valuable?

  • The karat content of your jewelry
  • The more pure, the higher the value
  • The market price (oz/gold)
  • The weight of the piece you are selling
  • The condition of the piece does not matter

What makes Silver Valuable?

  • The market price (oz/gold)
  • The content of silver in your pieces
  • The weight of each piece
  • The condition of the piece does not matter

Selling Gold FAQs

  • What items do you buy?

    Gold Jewelry( 8K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 22K and 24K), Gold, sterling (platinum and palladium), Class Rings, Bent or broken jewelry, Cluster rings, Dental gold, Earrings, Bracelets, Pendants (drops or charms), Pins and brooches, Chains and necklaces, Rings, Old scrap gold, Tangled chains, Unmatched earrings, Unwanted jewelry, Watches, Engagement rings and bands, Coins, .999 silver, .925 silver, Sterling flatware, Other Sterling silver items.

  • What type of items will Wedding Day Diamonds NOT buy?

    We will not buy non-precious metals, plastic, pearls, gold plated items, gold filled items, heavy gold electroplated (HGE) items, costume jewelry, vermeil, colored gemstones or CZ's.

  • Why should I sell my gold/silver jewelry to Wedding Day Diamonds?

    Wedding Day Diamonds is a family owned business in the Twin Cities metro area with eight retail locations. We’ve been in the jewelry business for over 30 years, unlike some other gold buyers. We’re a no pressure, no hassle company and we pay top dollar for your gold and silver.

  • How do you calculate the value of my gold/sterling jewelry?

    We calculate the cash value of your items based on a couple of factors: the market price of gold, the karat content of your gold and the actual weight of your items.

  • Am I obligated to sell you my gold when I come in for an evaluation?

    No, you are not obligated to sell your items to us if we give you a quote. Just know that if you decide to shop around and then come back to us, your payout may be different due to the fluctuating gold market.

  • How can I tell if my items are gold?

    On gold pieces, look for Karat markings. Any of these marks will indicate that your jewelry is gold: For 10 karat you may see: 10k, 10kt or 416. For 14 karat you may see: 14k, 14kt or 585. For 18 karat you may see: 18k, 18kt or 750. For Platinum you may see: 950PT, 900PT, 850PT, Plat or Platinum. For Silver you may see: Sterling, 925 or Ster.

  • Why should I sell my gold and unwanted jewelry now?

    The price of gold is at an all time high. Gold prices fluctuate daily and prices can drop again. If you need cash now and have unwanted items this may be the best time to sell.

  • What happens if I have seller's remorse and decide that I want my items back?

    Once you have accepted the offer and we cut you a check for your items, the transaction is final. There will be no refunds of property. We are not a pawn shop and do not give you a designated amount of time to came back in and retrieve your items.

  • How will you pay me, and how soon do I receive the payment?

    You will get paid on the spot. Once we evaluate your items and make an offer, if you accept the offer we will cut you a check on the spot.

  • Do I need to weigh my gold at home?

    No. We will weigh your items out on a calibrated electronic scale that is in compliance with the Minnesota Department of Weights and Measures. The scale will be in full view so that you can see what your items weigh.

  • I paid $1500 for my ring. I should expect to get $1500 from Wedding Day Diamonds, right?

    No. We do not pay retail prices for the gold that we buy. Wedding Day Diamonds will pay for the ‘melt value’ of your jewelry. Craftsmanship and designer brands are not a consideration when assessing the value of your gold.

  • There is a stamp on my ring indicating ‘18K.’ Is this reliable?

    Unfortunately, not always. Although most countries require manufacturers to stamp the gold content of their jewelry, very few countries (including the US) enforce these laws or require an independent third party to evaluate the item. The stamp on your jewelry may be correct, but it is quite common to receive jewelry that is stamped incorrectly. We test the items with an electronic tester that can determine what the real karat content is.

  • Do you buy diamonds?

    Yes, we buy diamonds! Each one of our eight locations has at least one person on staff that is able to evaluate the cut, clarity and color of your diamond. We have purchased diamonds anywhere from 1/2 carat to 10 carats.

  • Can you give me a quote over the phone?

    No. The best and most accurate way to determine what your gold and silver is worth is for you to stop by any one of our eight locations for a free evaluation. We need to determine what the karat content is and how much the item weighs in grams before we can give you a price quote.