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Selling Your Luxury Watch is Easy

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Please Tell Us About Your Luxury Watch

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Check if you have: Paper Work Original Box

Selling Your Watch

Selling your luxury watch is easy when you do it with the expert staff at Wedding Day Diamonds. The best way to get started is to answer a few questions about your timepiece and set up a time to come in.

How We Evaluate

Step 1 - Brand Authentication

We examine your watch closely to evaluate markings and difficult-to-duplicate identifiers that make each watch brand unique. We also review paper work such as warranties, instruction booklets, receipts and the box that the watch originally came in.

How We Evaluate

Step 2 - Condition Assessment

After we have authenticated the brand of your watch, we determine if all of the parts are original; what type of work it has been done on it; if it requires work in order to be resold; and how much that work is likely to cost.

How We Evaluate

Step 3 - Value Determination

After determining the brand and condition, we refer to multiple resources, including a book of watches, to determine the value. We also consider marketability, how easy or hard it will be to sell and how rare it is before we establish a final purchase value.

How Do You Value My Watch?

  • Brand: Some brands hold a higher value than others
  • Condition – the better the condition, the higher the value
  • Desirability – the more popular watches are generally worth more
  • Rarity – watches that are hard to find often have a higher value

Selling Watches FAQs