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Wedding Day Diamonds During COVID:

Protecting Your Jewelry and Your Health

We are already offering curbside pickup for some of your jewelry needs, but as the stores begin to reopen, we want you to know what steps we are taking to ensure a safe in-store experience for you, and our entire Wedding Day Diamonds team.

Learn more about how we’re prepared to help you in each area of our business:

Jewelry Repair Clients

We will continue to offer you jewelry repairs.

If a repair is needed, our clients will wear masks and gloves, throughout your interaction.

Each store will have designated areas from which we can process your jewelry. These areas will include plexiglass shields. In order to keep our environment sterilized, any product we take in will be disinfected upon check in, placed in plastic, and marked as clean.

Fashion Jewelry Clients

Most of our fashion jewelry is locked up in a case.

When you want to see or try on a piece of fashion jewelry, we will use a plexiglass shield to maintain a safe, contact-less environment. Additionally, our team will be wearing masks and gloves.

A member of our team will disinfect the piece you are interested in, then pass it to you through the shield’s small opening. The piece will be disinfected once more before it is returned to the locked case.

Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Clients

You will have full access to our products without having to interact with any of our employees.

All rings will be disinfected for you before you try them on. Any ring you’ve tried will then be placed on a separate tray, provided to you by our staff. Each ring on that tray will be thoroughly disinfected prior to being returned to its display. The employee will use gloves throughout the disinfecting process.

After browsing, when you are ready for our assistance, plexiglass shields will be used to facilitate safe, contact-less interactions. Employees will wear masks and gloves, and products will be passed through the shield’s small opening, ensuring you a healthy shopping experience.

Diamond Presentation Clients

When you are ready to view loose diamonds in our stores, our employees will wear masks and gloves, and utilize a plexiglass shield throughout the diamond presentation.

All products will be passed to you through a small opening in the shield.

Any product or tool that you, or our staff touches, will be disinfected prior to use, and again when the presentation is finished.

Buy Gold, Silver, and Diamonds

We will continue to purchase gold, silver, and diamonds during COVID.

When this service is needed, our staff will wear gloves and masks to handle your jewelry. Each store will have a designated area, affixed with a plexiglass shield, for gold buy back.

All client jewelry will be disinfected upon check in, placed in plastic, and marked as clean.